Monday, 15 September 2014

Click & Chat Social Media Link Up #25

The Click and Chat Social Media Link  Up!  Ready to grow your social media like a champ? Come on by and take part in this awesomely effective link up party!  @ Adventures in Mindful Living

The Click & Chat Social Media Link up Party #25!

Thank you so much for stopping by The Click and Chat Social Media Link up Party!
We are all about networking and helping you grow your social media numbers!

This month we are excited to announce that this linkup will appear on 16 amazing blogs!! That is 16 times the exposure for you and your links!

We are also looking for co-hosts for the coming up months, so if you are interested please contact either Amber or Kim on any of their social media and we will chat about it!

We will also have a featured blogger every week. Being chosen for our featured blogger spot means that we will share your picture (or logo) and your social media links just to let even more people see your awesome blog! To be considered for that spot you must have shared about the link up on at least one of your social medias and of course had good blogging manners and followed or liked the hosts and co-hosts on at least one or more of their social medias.

Ready to meet this weeks featured blogger?

Embracing the Good Life

Go on by and say hi and check out all of her great social media links!
Now come and meet your hosts and co-hosts!

Rebecca Futures / Katie-/ Sarah-Baking with Mom
Heather- Krafts and Kiddos / Miranda- A July Dreamer

To make it easier for you to follow your hosts and co-hosts we have put them in the first couple of spots in each link up section.

Ready to link up? Great!

Some quick and easy rules-

1. Please follow your hosts and co-hosts on at least one or more of their social medias! It is just good blogging manners! . You can find all of our social media in the links below! Have you already followed us on one? Find another one to follow us on! We post great stuff on all of them, you won’t be disappointed!

2. This link up is all about networking and meeting new friends! Make sure to visit some other links on any list you leave your link on!This makes it fun and really helps get the exposure on all the blogs that they deserve! You are all awesome- now go meet some other awesome people! Now if you want to be super awesome you can always tweet, share,+, or pin this link up!






Thanks for stopping by The Click and Chat Social Media Link up party!!

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Win a $250 Family Fun Night With Popcorn and Ice Cream Goodies (US ONLY)

We are launching a brand new giveaway worth $250 in prizes celebrating family fun!

It is in celebration of the book, 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!

win a family fun ice cream night

Win A Whole Ton of Family Fun!

We are giving away:
  • 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!
  • 8 Piece Ice Cream Bowl Set With Spoons
  • Junket Ice Cream Mix
  • Cuisinart Slow Churn Soft Serve Ice Cream Dispenser
  • Popcorn Scoop
  • 100 Popcorn Bags
  • Theater Popcorn Kit
  • Vintage Kettle Popcorn Maker
These are affiliate links.

These are all our FAVORITES for family fun!

Enter to Win

Simply use the box below to enter to win this prize pack worth $250. This contest is open to North America only due to shipping costs. Each entry helps spread the word about the fun we have here at Kids Activities Blog...and we thank you!

$250 Family Fun Night Popcorn and Ice Cream Goodies Giveaway From Kids Activities Blog

Good luck!

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Friday Favourites #7

I missed out on last weeks Friday Favourites for quite a few reasons, not least because I was feeling very unwell. I thought I had bypassed the cold bug that Steve and Jack succumbed to but sadly not. The weekend was pretty much spent in bed or laid on the sofa sleeping! That being said, here are my Friday Favourites for the past two weeks:

I swear I include Ella's blog every single week so here she is yet again with a lovely post featuring her daughters - check it out here. This post shows you don't need many words at all.

These tips from Jenny are a must read.

Every time Beth posts a Heard It Through The Baby Monitor post, I actually laugh out loud!

On another note, Beth introduced me to a new linky by Maddy and Chrissy - I will definitely be participating at some point!

Despite not being able to go to many London events due to childcare and a partner working odd shifts, I can still live vicariously through Sarah's events posts!

Loving Louisa's post about meal planning!

Jane wrote the post I tagged her to - you can read it here.

What have been your favourite posts of this week?

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review | Rdio Music Service

I love listening to music and spend a lot of time seeking out new songs or old favourites. I've used most of the sites out there (Spotify, Grooveshark etc) so when I was given the opportunity to review another service, I quickly agreed - just how does it match up?
The service I was asked to review was Rdio and I was given a complimentary 3 month subscription in order to test it out. Now that my complimentary paid subscription has ended, I thought it high time I gave it a review.
Once logged in, this is the screen you will be greeted with. There are a number of different subscriptions to choose from - free (where you have to listen to ads), Web for £4.99 (ad free radio streaming), Unlimited for £9.99 (can be tried for 30 days for free but also enables listener to listen to albums and playlists) and Unlimited Family for £17.99 per month (this is two unlimited subscriptions together). Now that my subscription has ended, I am currently using just the free option - until payday that is!
What I love about the site is that although similar in layout to other music streaming sites, the layout is so clean and fresh, everything is easy to find and there are a number of different subscriptions to choose from - something I haven't really seen before, I particularly love that the homepage greets you with a 'personalised mix of music stories' - it shows me playlists and albums I have recently listened to. Yes, my music taste is a little random - who would normally lump Black Label Society and Kisstory together?
Should you choose to stick with the free sub, you can expect these to pop up often:
Like most ads, they can be a little intrusive but are soon over and the music continues. I much prefer ad free streaming so will be purchasing an ad free sub as and when I can. 
In the majority of the features, Rdio is much like any other music subscription service. However, when they offer the ability to download unlimited mobile downloads to your phone or tablet, then that really sets them apart from the rest.
This will probably be the thing I use the most - I've got the same old music on my phone that I've had ages and I refuse to pay per song or for an album where I may only like one song. This is perfect for fussy people like me and means I can only download those songs I want to listen to!
Would I recommend Rdio? Definitely. If you are used to other subscription services, you may not see much of a difference at first. However, what swings it for me is the ability to download an unlimited amount of tracks to your mobile device plus the vast number of different subscriptions available with something to suit every budget.
What is your favourite music service?
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I received a complimentary subscription to this service for the purpose of a review


Just a few recent snapshots of Jack. Both myself and Steve tend to be behind the camera so our phones and camera are inevitably filled up with pictures of Jack. It is crazy just how quickly he is growing up...make it stop!

These are just a few pictures from over the summer - but how much has he changed already? 

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Butterfly Wall Decals

Sponsored Guest Post

According to my choice, decorating a kids’ room with lots of butterflies is a beautiful idea. Now it is very difficult to buy an open place and a large apartment. Most of the apartments provide a very small place and we have to decorate our room in a perfect way. A kid’s room is an important part of our house. We have to decorate our prince or prince’s room in a perfect manner with stickers.
Decorate the daughter’s room with butterflies
We can decorate our daughter’s room with butterfly stuff and it will create a beautiful and smooth atmosphere around the room. We can decorate the room with butterfly theme.
  • We can use the butterfly designed items in our daughter’s room like, pillow cover, bed sheet and rugs.
  • We can hang some butterflies from the ceiling with linen designing streamers.
  • We can install all the curtains with butterfly prints.
  • Apart from that, we can install butterfly wall decals on the wall. It will complete and cover the totally room and the room will become a butterfly themed room easily.
How should I choose the wall decals for my kid’s room from
  • Firstly, we have to decide the color of our kid’s room. It is better that we do not use the dark or bright color for our kids room because it will reflect maximum light and it is not suitable for our kids’ eyes also. We can ask to our children about their favorite color and we can do the decoration work according to their choice.
  • Using butterfly wall decals are the best options for decoration of the kid’s room. We need not paint these butterflies on the wall. We can buy a bunch of butterfly decals from the online portals and just paste them on the wall as stickers. This process is like a fun game and we can involve our children into the installation process.
  • These butterfly stickers are removable and we can refurnish our kids’ room in feature so easily.
  • Some of the butterfly decals come with a guarantee period and if we place our order in that company then we can contact them for any problem in feature.
  • Most of these decals provide maximum longevity and we can easily use these for a long time basis.
  • Kids are innovative. They always live in a dream world. They like the colorful rainbow sky and they want to fly with the butterflies. So if we decorate our kid’s room with butterflies theme then our kids will play and stay in their imaginative world throughout the time.
  • We can use some radiation butterfly in our kid’s room. These butterflies are invisible during the day but after the light are switched off in the night, all these butterflies will appear automatically. We can place these types of butterflies on the room of our kid’s room and when our kids go to sleep and switch off the light, they can see the beautiful decorative roof with lots of lighting butterflies.
Butterfly wall decals for living room
We can decorate our living room with the butterfly wall decals. This is very easy and simple. We can paste some butterflies wall decals on our living room wall or we can install a colorful tree decal on the wall and paste some butterflies on the different branches of the tree. It will look like a real one and we can add some blossoms also. It will create a colorful theme in our living room.If you apply these butterfly stickers for bathroom, it will show you a different look, also.
Availability and price zone
Wall decals are available in the online shopping portals. We can choose the various designs and color of the wall decals from online and it is better to choose the decals from the custom search. Most of the portals have collection of more than thousand of wall decals and if we want to buy butterfly wall decals from online then we can choose from the custom search systems also.
  • Wall decals are available in various sizes and we have to know about the perfect measurement of our wall. Before placing the order it is mandatory to measure the wall dimension, or the floor dimensions, if the decals are to be pasted on floor.
  • We have to compare the price and the material from the various websites.
  • All the all decals are washable and removable but we have to read the product features before placing the order.
  • We should follow the instruction and installation guidelines for pasting the wall decals on the wall.  

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Like Love Loathe Hiatus

This is just a quick note to say that I am putting Like Love Loathe on hiatus for a few weeks as I am super busy right now and struggling to find the time to blog at all! Sarah has also been quite busy so we will leave it on hiatus for a little while and then let everyone know when it is up and running again.


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