Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion | Review

Recently, Jack has been suffering with dry patches on his skin. It seemed almost like eczema which I had as a child but the doctor said it wasn't. Nevertheless, I remembered Nicola mentioning how Oilatum had really helped Paige's skin and having also met the team behind Oilatum at Britmums last year, I resolved to try some.

Trying to ease some of Jack's obvious discomfort, I was pleased to be offered the chance to review the Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion. A new product to the Oilatum range, the lotion is suitable for babies and children and is formulated to moisturise and rehydrate the skin. It advises to use it regularly, perhaps even everyday.

We have been using this on Jack for a while now, every time he has a shower or bath, we apply this afterwards. The lotion is as a lotion normally is although probably not as thick and creamy as an adult body lotion would be. 

How are we getting on? Well, we have certainly seen a small improvement in his dry skin. Whilst not greatly improved, I am sure with continued use of this product we will see great results!

Have you ever used any Oilatum products?
Family Fever

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Like Love Loathe {Link Up} #27

Wow, I don't think I have many in the ways of likes and loves this week but I sure have a load of loathes. If you want to join in, write a post in this exact format on your blog and then link it up. Be sure to link to me and Sarah so people know where to find the linky!

Getting organised. After I spent ages getting organised after my computer and internet problems, I suffered further setbacks when I was poorly last weekend. I have spent the past couple of days playing catch up and getting organised and its great!

Childhood activities. When I was younger, I loved nothing more than going fruit picking with my family - we were lucky enough to live right by some lanes so there was always plenty for the taking. Myself and Jack went with my Dad, uncle, aunt and cousin yesterday and we came back with a whole tub full of blackberries. Yum yum!
Terrible Twos. I actually planned on writing about something else but Jack had the worst tantrums I have ever seen him have and nothing seemed to placate him. Please tell me this doesn't last for eternity!

What are your likes, loves and loathes of the past week?

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Click & Chat Social Media Link Up #21

The Click and Chat Social Media Link  Up!  Ready to grow your social media like a champ? Come on by and take part in this awesomely effective link up party!  @ Adventures in Mindful Living

The Click & Chat Social Media Link up Party #21!

Thank you so much for stopping by The Click and Chat Social Media Link up Party!
We are all about networking and helping you grow your social media numbers!
This month we are excited to announce that this linkup will appear on 12 amazing blogs!! That is 12 times the exposure for you and your links!
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Ready to meet this weeks featured blogger?
Tiffany - A Journey with Tiffany
A Journey with Tiffany
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Now come and meet your hosts and co-hosts!
The Click and Chat Social Media Link  Up!  Ready to grow your social media like a champ? Come on by and take part in this awesomely effective link up party!  @ Adventures in Mindful Living
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Miranda- A July Dreamer / Cassie- True Agape / Heather- Krafts and Kiddos
To make it easier for you to follow your hosts and co-hosts we have put them in the first couple of spots in each link up section.

Ready to link up? Great!

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Lollibop OOTD - Mother & Son

On Friday, myself and my mum took Jack to Lollibop for the purpose of a review (full post coming soon). Whilst there, we thought we would take some quick OOTD's of our casual get up. We tried to dress nicely but in something suitable for any weather and I think we did okay!

Jack is wearing

Gruffalo t-shirt - gift for his birthday | Jeans - Primark | Wellies - Clarks

Knowing Jack would be running around a lot and possibly rolling around on the floor a lot (which happened when he saw Big Max and Little Max as he calls them - Big Max from Max And Mummy & Little Max from Mummy To The Max) so I wanted something old to throw on him, like these clothes and then his wellies too. I think he looks quite cute, don't you?

Bex is wearing  

Blouse - TM Lewin (sent for review) | Jeans - Primark | Vans - JD Sports 

I really like this blouse as it is so colourful. It fits well although sometimes accentuates my bumpy bits like my mum tum! However, the material feels so soft against the skin which is great - I hate scratchy material when it comes to clothes as most people probably do, it feels horrible! I paired this with some old jeans and my oldest Vans in case we got stuck in the middle of a field in a downpour - I needed something to fight against the mud and I didn't have any wellies!

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Life & Food Green Coffee Bean Extract Gold | UK Giveaway

I have recently been trialling the Green Coffee Bean Extract Gold dietary supplement to aid me in my weight loss goals. I still haven't lost the baby weight from almost 3 years ago, in fact I may have put some more on so I need any help I can get. I have a full review coming soon but I wanted to highlight the fantastic giveaway Life & Food are currently holding on their website. All they are asking for is some feedback of their product once you receive it - if you want to try it for yourself, click here.

If you do try them, let me know how you get on!

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Britmums 42 Days of Summer Challenge #Sweeet

I was recently asked my Britmums to talk about my top summer tips for family fun so here goes:

Fruit picking. We are actually doing this tomorrow providing the weather is pretty decent. Jack and myself will be meeting up with my Dad and uncle. 

Outdoor games. Whether you play in your back garden or at a local green, outdoor games are always popular and provide plenty of fun. Jack particularly loves football or bowling.

Visiting the seaside. This is always fun as there is so much a family can do. Visit the arcade, paddle in the sea, eat ice creams and lots of other sweet treats. What's not to love?

Going to the park. If your child is anything like mine, they would quite happily spend THE WHOLE DAY at the park if you didn't make them leave. Parks are great for children as they are generally enclosed but with plenty of space to run around in and they always have plenty of things to do.

Get the paddling pool out. When it is a hot summer day, nothing beats splashing around in a paddling pool in the back garden. Our garden is a little too small but Jack has a massive paddling pool at his grandparents and plenty of toys too!

Picnics. Who doesn't love picnics? Jack seems to be asking me for one on a daily basis now! We got sent some BN biscuits to try for this challenge and I was interested to see if they were like I remembered and whether Jack would like them or not. They went down a treat - although we are all big chocolate lovers, the raspberry was definitely our flavour of choice - totally #Sweeet

Such bright coloured packaging. I love it!

Cooking and baking. Children love food and what they love even more is making food. If you don't fancy going outside, a great summer activity is to create some tasty treats in the kitchen!

Indoor activities. Finally, we all know that British summers often encounter some rainy days. But even if it is not rainy and you just don't fancy going outside, indoor activities are the way to go. There is so many things you can do, whether together or alone: colouring, painting, crafting, playing board games, playing games like hide & seek and Blind Man's Buff. The choice is truly yours but expect plenty of fun.

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My Dream Bathroom

This is a sponsored post

Besides using my bathroom for the necessities like the toilet, showering, washing my hands etc; I don't really get to spend a lot of time in there and it certainly isn't my dream bathroom. I love nothing more than taking a long hot bath but that isn't feasible most of the time and I end up having a quick shower before having to carry on with whatever I was doing - usually work or housework because Jack has trashed the place! Even if I do get time to have a relaxing soak, Jack likes to wander in and throw things in or just bug me in general. Is it any wonder I don't get time to? Even when I do, my bathroom is plain white and boring and certainly not somewhere one can truly relax.

I would love something simple but elegant. Right now, we have a bath and then the shower head above with shower curtain. I would love to be living in a place with two bathrooms - one with a bath, one with a shower so I could adapt them to my every needs. Our bath at the moment has the boring old standard taps but I would love for something a little more elegant to adorn them. The shower head is something we got from one of the water companies - a freebie water saver. We're only using it because the other broke but we definitely need something more sturdy as this one looks like it is about to break at any minute.

The one thing that I need the most in my bathroom and potentially any future bathrooms is storage. All I have right now is a tiny little cupboard and the windowsill. One section of the cupboard contains all our toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash etc and then the other section is divided into two tiny shelves for my stuff. I tried to use most of the windowsill for my stuff but Steve moved a load of mine out of the way to fit more stuff of his on! I'm currently using some plastic boxes on the floor by the bath - it isn't ideal but its the only way until I can find some functional storage that I love!

Finally, once I had got my perfect taps, shower heads and storage,  I would have to add some finishing touches. Some scented candles would surely do the trick!

What would your dream bathroom be like?

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