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Sunday, 26 October 2014

British Bedtime Habits

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Carpetright have recently brought out an infographic talking about the bedtime habits of the great British public. I don't know about you but I love my bed and would stay in it all day if I could. I am definitely one of life's snoozers - the snooze button gets hit multiple times a morning and yes, I am one of those 68% of people who sleeps with their phone by their bed - I'm actually shocked as I thought the figure would be way higher than that!

I can't remember the last time I had an uninterrupted night sleep unless I was ill - that's what you get with a toddler in the house unfortunately! I'm sure I am not the only person who has to sleep next to a snorer - and it is even worse if Jack comes in with us for whatever reason - double the snores! My Nan is actually one of the 20% who sleeps apart from their partner - my Grandad just became too annoying for her to take anymore so she sleeps in the spare room!

It is quite interesting to see what sleeping habits the British public have - most of it isn't that surprising as I think quite a lot of people do them. Some are pretty grim and some are actually just plain annoying - snorers and those who hit out in their sleep are the worst!

To go alongside their interesting new infographic, Carpetright are also hosting a competition over on Life With Munchers for a double bed worth £299 - an amazing prize so if you haven't entered yet, why not? 

What bedtime habits featured here do you identify with?

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My Candle Corner

I don't know about you but I love scented candles and seem to have acquired a lot of them over the past few years. Working in Clintons and getting discount also helped aid my candle addiction and we've finally dedicated a little area of our living room (away from toddler hands) to them. 

Yes, I have far too many. I have jar candles, samplers, tarts, tea lights for my warmers, scented oils - I have a vast number of warmers now (I especially love my Scentsy warmer) and I love nothing more than lighting something at night and chilling out.

The majority of my candles are Yankee Candles (due to working in Clintons) but I can't resist picking up scented candles wherever I am - unless the price tag is just a little too much!

Do you like scented candles?

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Discussion | Halloween Costumes

Halloween is now less than a week away and there has been a constant buzz around the day for quite a few weeks now. People preparing for their Halloween parties or to go trick or treating, numerous blog posts and Youtube videos about the subject. The main topic that seems to come up though is costumes. Are some of them age appropriate? Are some of them even over sexualised?
Female First recently ran a story asking if Halloween costumes for women had become over sexualised. I think I would have to say yes and according to a study by My Voucher Codes , I'm not alone - 2000 people were asked this question and 51% of people agreed. Whilst the percentages for yes and no are obviously quite close, it is worth noting that 58% of men didn't think that women's Halloween costumes were over sexualised whereas 66% of women did! 

Men's Halloween costumes are pretty simple and it is hard to find offense with them - completely covered up etc. But it isn't hard to see why some people take offense to the costumes available for both women and children - since when is a sexy cat scary and why on earth would you want to dress your child in a revealing outfit just for Halloween? 
76% of people over 55 think that the costumes available to children nowadays are not age appropriate whereas 34% of 18-24 year olds (my demographic) did not have a problem. I do think that revealing outfits are few and far between for young children but it is shocking that they are on sale at all for their age groups - especially when Halloween is meant to be scary not sexy! Most parents do not find the outfits available for their children appropriate however.
What are your thoughts on the subject of Halloween costumes? They've been in the media so much recently for age appropriateness, sexualisation and some very debatable ideas for costumes. Do you think that we are starting to veer away from the scary roots of Halloween?
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