Friday, 30 January 2015

National Breakfast Week

I don't know if you know but this week is National Breakfast Week. If you are anything like me, you are awful when it comes to eating breakfast and will often skip it, just because you are too busy or don't fancy anything that you have in the house. I always make sure Jack eats a fulfilling breakfast but myself and Steve often forget about ourselves.

I've been making more of an effort to eat breakfast over the past few weeks, picking up a variety of cereals and porridge flavours that both myself and Steve love. I've now got a Nutribullet which means I can whizz up something else if cereal or toast isn't my thing that day. I've now got no excuse.

I'm not the biggest milk drinker - in fact, I hate it on its own - but I will often drown my cereals with the stuff. I often get milk delivered as my brother is a milkman and it is just easier but if we purchase any from the supermarket, we always pick Cravendale - it's definitely our supermarket favourite. Cravendale kindly sent me some vouchers for National Breakfast Week to ensure I actually stuck to my word and ate breakfast every day - which never happens! But it has this week!

Do you skip breakfast often? If so, is there any particular reason why? I'm trying to start eating breakfast every day, why don't you?

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All I Want For Summer

4 super cool Lifestyle products that should be on everyone’s summer list this year

Summer is the time to be outdoors – and in a country as blessed as New Zealand, with its endless smorgasbord of rainforests, snowcapped alps, glaciers, geothermal parks and endlessly rugged coastline, Kiwis and visitors alike are spoiled for choice on what to do and where to go.

Whether you’re planning to careen at breakneck speed down some of the most arduous but majestic mountain bike terrain on the planet, surfing the endless lefts at Raglan, hiking one of the many majestic mountain and forest trails or just spending the days lazing on the golden sands of one of NZ’s premiere beaches – having a little helping hand from technology will go a long way in helping you make the most of your summer.

Here is our choice of the top 4 super cool summer gadgets that should be on everyone’s shopping list this year.


Enjoy peace of mind and ensure your kids’ swimming safety with iSwimBand

An ingenuous solution to a dormant and deadly threat to kids the world over when summer comes around – drowning.

iSwimBand is a device that aims to remove the anxiety associated with unsupervised swimming at the beach, at the pool or at the river.

It’s a cliché to hear, but any parent who has a toddler will know that it just takes a moment for a beautiful, sunny day by the pool or beach to turn into a nightmare.

The iSwimBand couples its smart sensor technology (which is worn in a customized head or wrist band) with your apple device and it alerts you whenever your child enters the water or if they have been submerged for too long.

Whilst it is no replacement for vigilance at the beach or pool, iSwimBand is a very welcome gadget for any parent whose kids love the water.

Brown Dog Gadgets Solar Charger

Summer time excursions in NZ mean road trips and heading outdoors – away from plug points for your cell phone, ipad, ipod or e-book reader.

Brown Dog Gadgets have come up with an eco-friendly solution to solving all your portable technology charging needs. Designed to allow for USB based charging of multiple devices at once, this forward thinking device is capable of fully charging your I-phone in around 1-2 hours – depending on sunlight. 

Go-Pro Hero 4 – Black edition

This is the ultimate action video camera for capturing all your outdoor shenanigans in high quality HD video.

With their Hero 4 Black Edition, GoPro have unleashed a world of professional action capture possibilities for virtually anyone.

Strap it on, hit record and document your free-fall out of a plane, getting barreled in perfect surf, diving with sharks or bungee jumping off the highest bungee in NZ.

With more mounts and accessories than you can shake a stick at, the GoPro 4 will allow you to document everything you get up to this summer in full HD.

It features 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120 video, 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, and Protune™ for photos and video.

No summer excursion will be complete with one of these bad boys strapped somewhere on your body.

Grace Digital EcoXBT – rugged outdoor speaker

Rugged, shock-proof and fully water resistant the new and improved Grace Digital EcoXBT outdoor speaker is perfect for any festive occasion spent in nature and exposed to the elements.

For any occasion that requires music in a harsh environment, this speaker will keep everybody entertained for up to 10 hours. Throw it in the sand, hang it in a tree, even toss it in the water and let it float – nothing will stop the tunes.

An even cooler feature is it’s built in speakerphone which makes it easy to pick up calls when your hands are full guiding that raft down some challenging rapids just lazing in your inflatable swimming pool lounger sipping Pina Coladas and listening to Buena Vista Social Club on a flawless sunny day.

Living the ultimate summer lifestyle is more easily accomplished with a little technological help. Remember, have fun but be safe. 

Collaborative Post - I have a number of readers from NZ and am
planning to visit family out there as soon as I can!

What I've Learned In 4 Years Of Blogging

I started blogging over four years ago now. That's a long time for some and not quite so long in others eyes. But it has been a long time for me and during those 4 years I have seen plenty of change. I've learned plenty of things along the way too and today I wanted to share with you what I've learned in 4 years of blogging with some input from some of my greatest blogging friends.

Stats Aren't Everything

We all like to talk about how stats aren't everything and how we're not bothered by them..but who are we kidding? Especially when our blogs supply some form of an income to many of us. Although I do keep track of my stats to some extent, I don't check them obsessively like I used to in the early days. Sure, they are important for certain things but it is far too easy to keep checking them and start feeling down about them if they aren't quite what we expected.

Not Everyone Will Agree With You

This is pretty obvious as it ties in with everyday life. Not everyone will have the same opinion as you and that's okay - don't compare yourself say Tina and Rebecca. Don't get down about it - move on. The 'outside world' often doesn't get bloggers and even bloggers can disagree with other bloggers. The world isn't all sunshine and roses and neither is your blog. Try not to care what people think. Blog for you and what you care about and have a passion for - some sound advice from my friend Mel. That being said...

Networking Is Important

As my friend Lucy says, manners cost nothing and networking is super important for both your blog and your mindset. I know that if I hadn't had supportive friends such as Sarah and Lisa who I've been friends with pretty much from the start then I would have given up by now. Networking is great because you get to meet people with similar interests and sometimes even make friends for life - I can't imagine life without some of these girls now!

What I've Learned In 4 Years Of Blogging | Tips |


I by no means know much about either (I knew some basic HTML back in the Myspace days and then subsequently lost that knowledge) but I now know at least the basics of HTML and SEO which is handy. Ask me to do much more though and I would be useless.

Planning & Scheduling? Vital.

I certainly know when I haven't been scheduling for a while - I realise I have no content scheduled, no social media scheduled and I start to panic - try to get content out but then it won't be my best. I spent the first half of 2013 scheduling ahead of myself and then somewhere between June 2013 and November 2014 I seemed to lose my way. I sat down the other day and planned out content for the next month on both blogs (with obvious spaces for time sensitive content) and also scheduled in a day for planning in the next couple of weeks. I am now currently scheduled for 1/2 days in advance on both blogs but want to try and increase that from this weekend, scheduling whenever I have the time.

Social media scheduling is my downfall but I am making much more of an effort to do it now that I have a content plan and posts scheduled - it certainly makes it a lot easier!

What You Put In Is What You Will Get Out

This is a quote from my good friend Hannah and it is so true! If you put in a lazy effort, you will get a lazy response. If I slack from posting and social media interaction, I sure know about it - stats and interaction in general go right down. Also if you put in the effort consistently, you may start to see some interest from companies who are intrigued by your content and your outreach. Remember your blog is yours - if you want to make it work, you can - just put in the time and the effort. As Sarah from Life In A Breakdown says - it is bloody hard work!

I've had plenty of blogs over the years but never kept to them. I did with this one. Do I know why? No. But it has seen me through pregnancy, childbirth, a proposal, a redundancy and so much more. It helped me finally kickstart my dream career and I am still here today, four years on.

If you blog, what is the one big thing you have learned on your blogging journey?

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Thursday, 29 January 2015


Yep. Today I turn 25. A step closer to 30 and a step further away from 20. I will have to start filling in the next age group up on surveys and questionnaires. I will be a quarter of a century old. However, I am feeling quite positive about my 25th year and believe I can make it the best yet. Last year wasn't great for me but here's hoping 2015 and my 25th year is much better..

I'm going to be spending time with family today and away from my desk. See you all tomorrow!
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