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Posts Of The Past & Present {Link Up} #2

posts of the past and present

Welcome one and all to this weeks Posts of the Past and Present! Thank you to everyone who linked up last week.

To get you in the mood for sharing we wanted to share a couple of the posts from the last link up that we loved - if you missed it the topic was: Books, TV and Movies.

The Books of March by
Bex: This post made me want to buy ALL THE BOOKS

How I Survive the Zombie Apocalypse by Someone Else's Genuis
Sarah: I have a zombie obsession, honestly I'm sure they are going to come and get me one day (in my dreams or something) so this post kept me enthralled - I don't want to give to much away you just HAVE to go over and read it.

Just as a reminder we don't want to hold rules above you all but we would suggest that perhaps you give anyone's blog you like the look of a follow and perhaps leave a couple of comments then end them with #pastandpresent so people know where you have come from.

So enough with the rambling and onto the good stuff! This week's topic is:

Food and Recipes We want to know what you have written, past or present that has to do with 1, 2 or all of these topics; but how it relates to that theme is up to you, it could be a favourite recipe, a review of your favourite cake, that great monthly food box.. Whatever you want.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Jet2 Easter Extravaganza with the #Jet2Chicks

Want a good holiday deal this Easter?

To celebrate Easter in their own unique way, Jet2 are running a fantastic offer - it's called Crackin' Deals and features half a dozen eggs hatching live on camera as you can see above! Each egg has its own special offer that viewers do not know until the egg hatches. Once the chick hatches, viewers have only a small amount of time to take advantage of the deal available!

Egg number 6 has already hatched and the deals have quickly been snapped up but there are still some amazing deals available - money off holidays and some eggs (3) hold a number of free holidays whilst others (5) hold a number of free flights! 

So what do you need to do to take advantage of these deals? Just keep an eye on the #Jet2Chicks live feed and if you happen to catch an egg hatching, act fast to receive your deal or prize. 

Good luck!

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Post in association with Jet 2

Infacol's Virtual Colic Clinic

The majority of parents have to deal with colic in some shape or form when they have a young child. It is a stressful time for everyone, especially when you seemingly can't do anything to placate your child. 

Colic affects up to one in four babies and Jack happens to make up one of those one in four babies - I remember the sleepless nights and frantic googling of everything very well. Colic is often associated with crying fits which mostly occur from late afternoon onwards. Nothing can be done to placate the baby and this often leaves parents very stressed. When Jack was suffering with colic, I raced into my local pharmacy and they recommended me Infacol straight off the bat. I know there are other colic medicines available out there but this was the one they suggested - and slowly but surely, it worked. 

To help ease the worries of first time parents, Infacol have launched an app - the Virtual Colic Clinic. This is the first of its kind and offers an easier way for parents to get reassurance rather than having to turn to Mr Google all the time for their answers. The Colic Clinic is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this is perfect for parents because, as mentioned above, colic tends to occur late in the day when GP surgeries are shut and so parents need somewhere they can turn to when the frustration gets too much.
I know I would have found an app like this invaluable if it was around when Jack was very young - instead, myself and Steve found ourselves scouring the internet every time we had a worry about him. There is even a handy little Is it colic? guide for worried parents to complete.

It is easy to see why Infacol are the countries number 1 selling infant colic remedy. This kind of support is invaluable and I really do hope worried parents take advantage of it. 

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Jewellery Wishlist: Memory Lockets & Floating Charms

Predicted to be an upcoming trend this year, I have recently found out about memory lockets and floating charms. The idea behind them is that you pick a choice of locket which can be opened and personalised with charms - for someone like me who loves lockets and charm bracelets, this is absolute perfection - merging my favourite pieces of jewellery!

I have been taking a look at the memory lockets available and have found quite a few I like - I even have found a gorgeous bracelet too!
There are such a variety of floating charms around too - I would choose items that relate to my life right now so engagement rings and wedding charms would feature high up the list. I don't get to wear much jewellery day to day apart from my engagement ring so to have something as meaningful as a memory locket with charms would mean so much to me - is it too late to ask Steve for an engagement gift?

Jewellery is such a personal thing and it is refreshing to see brands taking advantage of the path paved by Origami Owl and bringing it this side of the pond, so to speak. I personally predict big things for this type of jewellery and hope to get my hands on some soon - once I have settled on a shortlist of charms that I would like; there is just so many to choose from!
What do you think of memory lockets? 

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

KiDiGi Desktop Charger

We were a little late to the Apple craze and luckily didn't have to pay a penny for our Apple products - I won both our iPad and Steve's iPhone but suffice to say, not a day goes by when we don't use them and we would definitely be lost without them. Of course, Steve always has his iPhone with him and the iPad mini is usually with me but we needed something functional so that we could charge our Apple products without having to stop to pick them up all the time.

Enter MyTrendyPhone who kindly offered me the KiDiGi Desktop Charger to review. This seemed like the perfect product for both of us to try out in our respective work places. Whilst my job is pretty much 99% based around sitting at a computer, Steve's isn't - although he does spend his fair share of time in the office at his work - as a security officer, he has to go to different sections every few hours and the staff rotate to a different section each time. He needed something that was portable but also made his phone easily accessible whilst charging - plus don't you hate having to stand your phone or tablet up to watch something? We chose the black desktop charger and eagerly to put it to the test in our different work situations.

I spend a lot of time in front of my computer and often find myself reaching for my phone or the iPad to check something out - if I tend to use another tab on the computer when I am working, I can guarantee I will get sucked into various social media outlets and lose my focus - so having another form of technology makes it easier to check things out when needing to research something. I often take pictures on the iPad too and need to upload them - its much easier having the technology right in front of you on the desk than having to untangle the charger cable from around your feet and pulling the ipad or phone onto the floor in the process!

Steve tends to watch a lot of TV and films at work during the quiet moments which they are allowed to - after all, if you are on a 12 hour shift and haven't seen anyone but the other person in the office for ages, you need to stop yourself from going crazy, right? We all know how frustrating it is to prop our phones up with something and even more so when on charge. This solves all those problems. Functional and sleek, this could be the answer to your prayers.

Whether you need this for practical or fun reasons, I would highly suggest picking one of these up for just £12.60 from My Trendy Phone - they look good and are functional too - what's not to love?

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Product was sent for the purpose of review

Wedding Planning Wednesday - A Revival?

As you may have noticed in yesterdays Like Love Loathe post, I am very much back in the wedding planning scheme of things. I have so many ideas and really need an outlet to share them! I am thinking about bringing back Wedding Planning Wednesday with other occasional wedding posts here and there - would anyone be interested in these kind of posts?

I would keep you updated with all the aspects from putting some money away for the wedding until the final choices on everything - do you want to come along for the journey?

You can find all the previous Wedding Planning Wednesday posts here. What do you think I should do?
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Mum Rules — Cutting Down Time in the Kitchen

Being a mum means wearing many hats. You’re a chauffeur, chaperone and chef (among many other titles) every single day. Of course, mums the world over go through it, but the gods — or rather home appliance companies — have smiled upon us throughout the years with several inventions that have made our lives that little easier (or at least prevented us from not tearing our hair out!).

Kitchen appliances are key to preparing quick, wholesome and healthy meals for your family. What did we mums do before toasters, kettles, mixers and other kitchen appliances? There are only so many hours in the day and, for a lot of mums, they fill up incredibly quickly. Here are a few of the very best kitchen helpers to make it easier on ourselves and free up time for we mums to spend more time having fun with the kids and less time cooking for them and cleaning up after them.


This one may seem quite obvious but having a good fridge freezer is the basis for running an organised, tidy kitchen. Sourcing a fridge freezer that’s big enough to preserve food for the whole family for at least a week’s worth of meals and snacks means fewer trips to the store and fewer instances of mums phoning up for a takeaway (or taking the kids out for a hamburger if you’re really beyond your tether!). If you stock the freezer well you can make and store excess meals so that even when you don’t have time to cook, there’s still a homemade meal on hand.

Food Processors

The most time-consuming element of most meals is prep. A good mixer can reduce prep time and free up time for mums to get on with other tasks. This can be a pricey investment but is absolutely worth the cost. Quality food processors have a range of settings, including chopping, dicing, grating, pulsing and even kneading. You can throw together soups, sauces and even homemade bread in no time at all.


We all hate doing it (apart from some who find it therapeutic!) but washing the dishes is another activity that eats into our time. Many mums will be resourceful and use as few dishes as possible, yet despite their best efforts the pots, pans and plates — and the cutlery! — can all stack up quickly, leaving a mess that you could really do without. A dishwasher is another big-ticket kitchen appliance but one that will save you hundreds of hours in the long run. With powerful settings for a range of different dishes including fine china, stemware or even plastic sippy cups, modern dishwashers are efficient, effective and worth every cent.

Most mums find it challenging to balance the time they spend actually enjoying their families with the time they spend taking care of them. Minimising time in the kitchen and being well-organised can help them achieve this balance. Sitting down to a family meal is one of the highlights of parenthood and one which should be savoured in every possible way, rather than just the taste of the food. Now who’s for ice cream!

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