Thursday, 21 May 2015

Kenzo Kids @ Melijoe : My Picks

I am not a big designer fan in most areas but when it comes to children's fashion, I do make exceptions - some designer items are simply divine! I do have a few favourite designers and one of those happens to be Kenzo - I love the fashion, the fragrances, everything. So when I noticed the new Kenzo Kids  range over on Melijoe, with items spanning the seasons; items perfect for both summer or winter, I could certainly see a new wardrobe coming Jack's way very shortly.

I'm starting to focus on quality over quantity as Jack gets older. We do bulk buy items from places like Primark in regards to his clothes for pre school or if we know he is going somewhere particularly messy - I'd much rather he ruined a cheap pair of joggers than something a little more expensive - but we are starting to buy pieces for other times - big occasions, days out as a family. 

I have been perusing the Kenzo range and chosen my few favourites, items that I could see him wearing over the seasons.

The prices range from £35 upwards and I can totally see Jack wearing these for months to come. The baby/toddler items go up to 3 years old and the next range start from 4 years. Even though Jack is only 3, he has started to wear aged 4 clothing but he would definitely have at least a years wear of these clothes.  

Jack himself is turning into a little fashionista - he likes choosing his own outfits out of the clothes he has and sometimes gets it spot on although sometimes I do wonder - one sock on and back to front clothes aren't exactly fashion forward!

I'm looking forward to going clothes shopping with him as he develops his style further but whilst I can, I am going to buy him some outfits that I truly love. With my favourite designer now being sold on Melijoe, I can definitely see a purchase being made sooner rather than later.

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Penguin Little Black Classics + Penguin Platform

You may have noticed my love of books on this blog. I love them , I devour them. I've recently really got back into reading after a major reading slump for most of 2014 and it couldn't have come at a better time.

To celebrate their 80th birthday, Penguin have released their Little Black Classics - 80 classic books in little black book form for just 80p each. This will enable readers to snap up some literary giants for just a small price and play their part in the Penguin birthday celebrations.

2015 also sees the launch of Penguin Platform, a new online community for 16-19 year olds to share and discover the stories they love. It operates across Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram and gives readers access to authors and a look at the publishing process too. Author interviews and Q&A's will also feature too.

Although I am a little too old for Penguin Platform now, I am excited to celebrate Penguin's birthday and wish them every success with this new venture.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 19 and want to find out more, please check out their TumblrTwitterYoutube or Instagram

Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress Review

We were recently sent a mattress to review from Dormeo. The one we chose was this memory foam mattress, their bestseller which currently has £150 off - down from £299.99 to £149.99 - what a bargain!

Like most people, we love our sleep and we especially need to be comfy if a certain toddler decides to toddle in during the night. After moving our old and battered mattress to place this on, it was quite bizarre - our old mattress was a lot thicker so it was a little strange to be further down than what we had been so used to.

I have always wanted to get a memory foam mattress but we had never got round to it. When buying beds, we tended to buy them with mattresses included so I was reluctant to spend out on another when we had just got a perfectly good one. When offered one to review, I didn't need asking twice.

The mattress itself is super comfortable and I do find it hard to get out of bed in the mornings sometimes. It sounds quite cliche but it is so comfortable, it is almost as if the bed is giving you a hug - if that makes sense?

Dormeo mattresses are of Italian design and heritage. This mattress in particular is their original mattress, their best seller and the inspiration for all of the other mattresses - high praise! With an upper layer of visco-elastic memory foam sewn into the Florentine stitched cover, you are guaranteed softness. Underneath the layer is the patented Ecocell, 3D open cell foam which provides consistent back support.

I must admit that the back support element was the worry. Both Steve and I have suffered back problems in the past and previous mattresses have sometimes intensified the pain. Knowing that there was something within the mattress designed to give back support put my mind at rest.

The mattress is also designed to prevent build up of heat and moisture on the surface and is also anti-static and anti-dust mites - a must for any bed. I don't know about you but I tend to get really warm at night and some mattresses just don't help with that - I often find myself overheating - but so far so good with this.

Overall, we are really happy with this. It is our first memory foam mattress and I can be sure that we would purchase another one in the future if we needed to. However we may not need to as Dormeo offer a fantastic 60 night comfort guarantee after purchasing and an even better 15 YEAR warranty - how great is that? It certainly shows how much faith they have in their product!

To find out more about purchasing a new mattress from Dormeo, please take a look at their website

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Blloon | A Great New App For Reading

As you may have gathered, I am a bit of a bookworm. I have already read a ton of books this year so far and although I am currently in a reading slump (lots of work and no time to read!), I thought it was high time I shared the Blloon app, available on the App store for Apple devices

I was recently offered the chance to review the app and I have definitely been putting it to good use. I have read four or five books so far with plenty more to read. I received a select number of pages free with which to read books but there are two subscription prices - £3.99 a month for 500 pages or £6.99 for 1000. Readers can also 'top up' as and when they need to and there is also the opportunity to earn pages via people signing up through your link (you can sign up through me here).

There is also the opportunity to preview books  - reading a sample can often let you get a feel for the book. Then if you so wish, you can purchase pages to continue.

I find Blloon a very unique app. It provides readers with a vast number of books to choose from (as seen above) and purchasing pages is relatively easy. Once you have your pages, you can then simply exchange them to read on - once the sample has finished, it will pop up saying you need to use so many pages to finish the book. If you want to, you just click select and it debits your pages. It really is as simple as that.

Below are a selection of the books I downloaded - I have a very varied taste:

I find reading on this app as easy as reading on my Kindle - plus as you aren't paying for the book but the pages, it makes it a little cheaper to read the books via this method. I've managed to read a couple of books that had been on my wishlist for quite some time and also found some great new reads from it - some which are in my top 5 books for the year so far. I am really enjoying using Blloon and I am looking forward to using it for a long time to come. 

Would you ever consider using an app like this?
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