Monday, 2 March 2015

Planning Our Holidays

My parents recently called me and asked if we were planning on going on holiday this year. To be honest, we hadn't given much thought to it but my parents wanted us to all go away together so we have spent the last few weeks looking at places to go.

Before Jack was born, Steve and I often used to go on holiday with my parents but once Jack was born and we had the caravan, we used to holiday down there more often. Now we haven't got the caravan anymore we are looking to set our sights further and perhaps visit somewhere different to where we have been going over the years - there are only so many times you can visit Great Yarmouth, Hastings and similar places.

We did think that perhaps a Butlins break would be good - especially for Jack - but recently the idea of Scotland has been creeping into our mind. Sure it will be a long drive but its a place that most of us have always wanted to go to so why not go this year? Otherwise we will keep putting it off!

This would also tie in nicely to something Jack has been begging to see - Sing-Along Frozen. He is a massive Frozen fan (especially Olaf) so the opportunity to take him to see a show he would love whilst visiting a place we always wanted to? They don't come along very often so when they do, it is best to grab such opportunities with both hands!

Over the weekend, Steve and I have been looking at a variety of things - how long it will take to get there from here, stops we can make along the way (essential on such a long drive, especially with both toddlers and elderly passengers!) plus accommodation for when we get there. We've been looking mostly at the more affordable accommodation available - we've got to keep to a certain budget so rooms at the Holiday Inn Edinburgh would be more than perfect - we'd hardly be spending time in our accommodation anyway, preferring to go out and explore - we are very much a 'sightseeing' family. 

Now the only thing left to do is persuade my Mum - the rest of us are more than happy to go on such a long drive but she is reluctant. I think the Frozen show for Jack may just swing it for her though - Jack is the apple of his Nanny's eye.

Have you ever been to Scotland?

What would you suggest doing there?

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David Swimwear Giveaway

Seeing as the sun is shining and we're all starting to look towards the summer - making plans for what we are going to do and setting dates in our diaries - I thought I would start this giveaway now so the winner is prepared for when summer rolls around.

This David Swimwear is a size 12 and stockists include Patricia Eve who are the UK stockists for David Swimwear, showcasing all the newest in season stuff. You can take a look on their website to find local stockists to you if preferred too!

So what do you need to do to win?

Just fill in the rafflecopter below! This competition ends at 23.59pm on the 31st of March. UK only. Multiple entries not allowed. All entries will be moderated and verified - any invalid entries will be removed. Good luck!
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Friday, 27 February 2015

5 Reasons Children Should Study Maths at University

Back when I was at school, I actually considered studying Maths. It used to be my favourite subject but somewhere along the way I got lost. I found this collaborative post a very interesting read.

We use maths in every part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s counting out our change to get on the bus, splitting the bill in a fancy restaurant, or even working out how much money we will save with a 10% off saving on a new dress, we’ll use some sort of maths equation and logical thought process without even realising.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should seriously consider studying maths at university…

Maths is one of the most important subjects you can study

It’s part of our universal language and is a core subject that we are exposed to from the moment we are old enough to say our own name.

As a subject that brings a wealth of opportunities and career prospects, studying maths at university level will set you in good stead to enjoy a career in some of the world’s most exciting and fast paced environments.

Whether it’s playing a role in predicting stock market prices or even travelling through space, mathematics is a crucial part of many working environments – even more so as technological advances continue to change how we conduct everyday operations.

A wealth of career prospects

Almost every employer requires you to have basic maths skills, at least up a C at GCSE level.
With the majority of jobs using some form of analytical skills, logical thinking and quantitative skills, being able to apply your maths skills confidently is a compulsory requirement in most jobs. Whether you’re counting money in a bank or making lucrative business decisions, many jobs also require some level of problem solving and methodical thinking.

With many careers requiring some sort of maths qualification, your career prospects will be great, allowing you to explore a wealth of vocations including education, management, science, engineering and finance. And, with most of the world using the same mathematical equations and processes, a career in maths could potentially take you anywhere in the world!

Diverse and exciting

Both challenging and exciting, maths is a broad subject that covers a wide range of specialist areas including theory, pure maths, research, statistics and operational research.

This means that you will be able to focus on one specialist area, if you are set on entering a specific career such as banking or engineering.  Employers are always looking out for individuals who are highly skilled in one particular area.

Maths teachers are in high demand

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for maths teachers, particularly female maths teachers. Studying maths at university will provide you with a clear route into education, whether that’s private or mainstream.

Obtaining a degree in mathematics will allow you to go onto complete a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education), which will allow you to benefit from as prosperous career in the education sector. And that’s not all. It will also give you the opportunity to teach mathematics abroad or even setting up a business as a personal maths tutor. Becoming a math tutor has a number of benefits including being able to choose your own working hours. Alternatively, even maths students are in high demand to tutor.

The future looks bright

There will always be a demand for individuals who have obtained highly focused mathematical training, particularly at university level.

This is because, as technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, everyday systems such as banking, computing and even safeguarding people’s personal information online, are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and advanced – requiring new skills from people who are able to utilise their mathematical training effectively.

Most importantly, if you are yet to decide which career path to take in life, choosing to study mathematics at university will automatically provide you with a diverse and exciting range of career prospects to choose from upon completion of your degree. 

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Kindle Freebies

I've really got back into reading recently. I'm currently reading  Missing Gretyl: You Only Love Twice by Simon Page but have been spending some time downloading some freebies to my Kindle. I probably have over 1000 books on my Kindle yet to be read - you just can't beat a freebie - but I have started to give up with books if they don't float my boat so am hopeful I will start to make a dent in them.

Here are some of my recent downloads (click the images to go to Amazon)...

A Heat Of The Moment Thing - Maggie Le Page 

A Weapon Of Choice: A Sarah Woods Mystery 9 - Jennifer L Jennings

3 Lies - Helen Hanson

Claiming Victory: The Dartmouth Diaries Book One - Beverley Watts

Slightly Stalky - Amy Vansant

After The Shock - Scott Nicholson

The St Mary's Boxset - Jodi Taylor

Death By Obsession - Jaden Skye

As you can see, I am a big crime/mystery fan - they probably make up most of my physical books AND eBooks. Have you found any good Kindle freebies recently?

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