Thursday, 24 July 2014

Getting The Job Isn't Easy

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I may work from home but that doesn't mean I sit here and wait for the jobs to come rolling in, oh no! I am quite lucky sometimes and do get emails from new clients asking about work or even have previous clients come back for more work and for that I am very grateful - but more often than not, I am out there looking for the work rather than waiting for it to come to me.

As a freelance writer, I have the freedom to work either remotely or on site. I mostly do my work remotely  but if required, I will take a job on site if it is easy to get to - and worth it. A lot of people think working from home means slobbing out in your pyjamas, sat in front of a tea stained desk with messy hair and shovelling a measly breakfast down your throat - but it really isn't! There is also the illusion that being self employed, you never have to interview for a job - well, if you want that contract you definitely need to come across really well! That means dressing the part and knowing what you are talking about - here are some of my interview essentials below. Smart, appropriate clothing and I always like to read books based on the job I am going for - taking inspiration from them and realising my qualities and flaws.

Since I often have to look for my jobs, I regularly take a look at the job boards on City Calling - there is often a number of writing jobs available, both on site and remote. I am also quite lucky living where I do, in a county on the outskirts of London - there are always writing jobs available close by. Freelancing is a tough old nut to crack though and I often find myself up against people much more qualified than myself for certain jobs - so I have to sell myself really well. Looking the part and acting the part definitely helps! Since freelancing often means no steady pay cheque, job boards are often my first point of call - and they haven't let me down yet.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Guylian Sea Horses - Perfect Gift

Your children may have broken up from school already but youngsters up and down the land are either coming up to their last days before the summer holidays or planning for an end of term treat. What better way to reward your child's teacher than a box of Guylian's sea horses! I was sent some to try and also have a giveaway so keep your peepers peeled...

I am a huge fan of Belgian chocolate so it doesn't last long in my account and these were no exception. They tasted just as you would expect - full of flavour and creamy! Jack liked the shapes and I often caught him trying to pinch a couple for himself! What I like best about Guylian is that they are so affordable too - they feel so luxuriously expensive that you often forget that they have such an affordable price tag! These are the perfect gift for anyone, not just teachers!

So would you like to win a box? Here is how you can:

Just complete the Rafflecopter form. Commenting is mandatory, all other options are mandatory. Giveaway is UK only. All entries will be moderated and verified. One entry per household. Any multiple entries from the same person will be removed. Ends 30th July 2014 at midnight. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Like Love Loathe {Link Up} #23

I can't believe it is Tuesday already - although having been without my computer for a week and a half and having to use Steve's slow laptop, you can guess that the days were going ever so slow for me! What is on my list this week?

Like | Keeping (my) Cool

I have been trying to not let things stress me as much these past few days as everything had got on top of me these past few weeks. After spending some quality time with Steve and Jack as a family on Steve's days off, I now feel refreshed enough and ready to take on the world. I have also obviously liked keeping cool in this heatwave - fans, ice cold drinks, wide open windows and ice creams have certainly been my favourite things over the past few days!

Love | Mumma, Big Sis and Little Sis

These lovely ladies earned these nicknames because we all let each other rant and give each other advice - so thanks to Mumma JoBig Sis Sarah and Little Sis Helen

Loathe | Not being able to blog/do work properly
Spending time on trying to fix a computer and putting off work for other things could partly be seen as my fault but it doesn't mean I loathe it any less though! Now that I have got the PC back, I aim to get really organised and on track!

What are your likes, loves and loathes of the past week?

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Click and Chat Social Media Link Up

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Friday, 18 July 2014

What Bex Wore: Vans Winstons

The other day, I met up with the lovely Sarah for some lunch and to just generally have a catch up. We spent some time running around the common and the gated gardens in my village and then decided to take some pictures - somehow Sarah looks immaculate but I look a sweaty mess! Nevertheless, we had a great day and I really enjoyed myself.

When I was a teenager, if I wasn't wearing school shoes you would find my feet in a pair of Vans. In fact, I still have a pair today that I've had for around 6 years and they are only just starting to fall apart! I find Vans to be some of the most comfiest shoes around - great quality, durable and affordable too. When JD Sports offered me the chance to review a pair of Vans Winston's to review, I immediately accepted - having not owned a new pair in ages due to the lasting quality of the pairs I already owned, I wanted to see if the quality was still the same as my previous pairs.

I have been wearing these pretty much anywhere and everywhere to see how they fared. After spending the day running after Jack (who is faster than you would think) and lots of walking, I would normally expect my feet to be aching and rubbing - generally quite painful - but they weren't! My feet felt as comfy as before! Even after lots of walking and plenty of occasions where these should have been damaged, they still showed no signs of wear! I'm looking forward to seeing if they stand to be as durable as my six year old pair but it is safe to say that I will always be a Vans girl, for now and forever.

You can buy your own pair of Vans here.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Highlights Of Liverpool | Plastic Rosaries

Beth is one of my best blog friends and I always love it when she guest posts on my blog and here she is today with a post all about Liverpool! I am fascinated by the place and I really want to visit, especially after this post.


I’ve lived in Liverpool since 2010 but have always lived nearby. It’s only in the past 2 or 3 years that I’ve really come to appreciate some of the wonderful things my city has to offer and I thought I’d show some of them off on Bex’s blog, just ‘cause I can. Have a look at the below categories and my reasons for choosing each place/thing!

Favourite Food
Liverpool is packed full of wonderful places to eat. I’ve recently loved the East Avenue Bakehouse and we are massive fans of Leaf Teashop. Me and a friend recently went down to Almost Famous for the best burgers in the city and I also love Buffalo Jacks. Basically I just love food and my city does good food. If you’re looking for the best freshly baked bread (sourdough especially) you need to go to the Baltic Bakehouse.
Favourite Small Business
As a small business owner/freelancer myself I love to share the love with other local business. Three of my favourites by far are Say it With Flours (the only place we go for birthday cakes) and Big You Little You (treatments and sessions for parents and children, to help take the stress out of parenting). Liverpool is great for new businesses.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image credit: photo credit: Bev Goodwin via photopin

Favourite Shop
Here I have to mention Big You Little You again as they have a sweet shop as well as the therapy/session area and I also want to pay homage to Quiggins which is no more – loved that place, especially The Bead Shop! I’m not much of a big shopper but we are lucky enough to have fantastic Pillbox Vintage events across the city regularly and also the amazing Summer (and Christmas) Arts Markets.

Favourite Place to go with the Girls

I love taking my girls to our local parks – we’re lucky Croxteth County Park is so near and we also love their farm which has recently been saved from closure. I also love taking them up to Acorn Farm as well and over to Chester Zoo but obviously that’s not quite in Liverpool. Our World Museum also has an aquarium which my eldest loves and our Central Library is the most beautiful place in the whole city.
Favourite Museum or Gallery

We’re lucky enough to have a Tate Gallery in Liverpool which is by far my favourite of all the museums and galleries in the city. I also really rate the International Slavery Museum, especially its efforts to keep the plight of modern slavery very much in the public eye and not condemning it to history.
SO, now you all want to come to Liverpool right? I’ll buy you cake or bread or maybe even burgers!

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Best Skincare Products In 2014

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Your skin is the most noticeable and important thing about you. It’s health is something you want to consider on a daily basis. With growing technology and innovations today, there are amazing products available for skin care whether they are systems to aid in cleaning skin, oils for the health, or serums to help freshen up. Here are some of the best skin care products out currently that you definitely want to consider!

Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
This USDA certified organic coconut oil is one of the top selling skin products available. It is fully unrefined, free of pesticides, trans-fats, and completely kosher! Coconut oil is wonderful for your skin as a moisturizer but it also can be used as a hydration mask for your hair and for cooking. Consuming coconut oil as a dietary supplement daily can really help benefit your weight, stamina, and metabolism.

TRIA Hair Removal Laser
This little gem is the first ever FDA approved laser system that is available for home use. It utilizes the same diode laser technology that dermatologists prefer in order to disable hair follicles. Your wish to achieve permanent hair removal is finally available through many online skincare vendors.

Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic System
For a skin cleansing system that can cleanse up to six times better than your hands, get yourself a Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic System. This system helps prime your skin for enhanced absorption of creams, serums, and moisturizers. Plenty of reviews say this system helps make your skin feel not only fresh, but firm, vivid, and clean in just a few simple uses. For under $150 for the entire system, it is well worth the investment.

Serious Serum
Let’s get serious. This serum is known to be the best for acne and ingrown hairs on the market. It is a skin exfoliate and was actually developed for use after waxing in order to prevent any ingrown hairs from becoming a problem. Before they released the product, however, they added additional ingredients and it became an excellent exfoliate for skin types anywhere. It is available through vendors anywhere

Natural Beauty Moroccan Argan Oil
Argan oil is a spectacular product to use for your skin and your hair. It helps as a moisturizer and scalp treatment, as well as a conditioner for dry skin and cuticles. Currently it is the one of the best-selling hair relaxer products available and it helps as an insanely moisturizing lotion product as well. A must have in any household, Argan oil is a completely organic product that you will be happy to own.

Derma Roller SGF
Although it might look scary at first, this little contraption is said to work wonders for skin issues like scars, large pores, acne, wrinkles, and stretch marks. The device has 540 needles in a handheld roller. In order to achieve the best results, you would use gentle yet consistent pressure with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal motions rolling the needles over your skin.

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