Friday, 24 February 2012

Project 365: #29

Don't you just love it when you find things you'd forgotten all about? I picked up some stuff from my parents house yesterday evening and took a look through it all this afternoon when I got back from lunch at my local. I found more makeup than I know what to do with, including this gorgeous eyeshadow palette that is untouched. I've decided that over the next few weeks, I'll try a different eyeshadow each day. Of course, I'll find some that I love, some that I like and some that I downright despise but I may as well try them out!

I also found this book in one of the boxes. It is 'That Extra Half An Inch' by Victoria Beckham. Although I write about fashion every now and again on the blog, I wouldn't call myself that fashionable, yet when this book was first released back in 2006, I constantly begged my mum to buy it for me. I must have been such a nightmare. Yet still she resisted and I finally picked this up in a charity shop for £2. It's an interesting book and I've spent the last hour or so revisiting it, pouring over the pages like they were gospel. Although I don't stick to current trends - preferring to stick whatever on and if it looks great, then fantastic! - Victoria Beckham has certainly got something right, she always looks immaculate!

Have you found items recently that you'd forgotten that you owned? If so, isn't it such a fab feeling?


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  1. I love finding old stuff the that I've forgotten about, I love to reminisce! I wondered if you're still thinking about arranging a blog meet up for girls in the South East area :) xx


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