Friday, 27 April 2012

REVIEW: Vita-E Natural Vitamin E Cream

I was recently sent the Vita-E Natural Vitamin E Cream(*) to review. If you hadn't guessed, Vita-E is a natural, fragrance free Vitamin E cream for use at day or night for problem dry skin areas. It is perfect as a moisturiser, which is what I have predominantly been using this as.

The packaging is simple, quite plain, but effective. A white background with green and black writing, it is inoffensive but still pretty enough to keep on your dressing table. All natural ingredients are listed on the label and the product has a screw-top lid which undoes easily to get to the product. The packaging isn't perhaps the most elegant of designs but it does feel pretty sturdy, so if that you were like me and pretty accident prone, you could be pretty confident that it won't break.

The cream is thick in consistency, although not gloopy - and like stated on the tub, it is fragrance free. However, it does seem to have a slightly medicated smell about it - I used to have eczema and the smell of this is reminiscent of the cream I used to have for that! It is not very noticeable though and would hardly offend anyone.

The product feels a little greasy when applied, however once it has been left to sink in, it leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth, with no hint of greasiness or oiliness whatsoever. I have been using this cream as a moisturiser instead of my usual product and I have to say it has done wonders for the tiny speckles of dry skin I occasionally get around the bottom of my nose!

The cream leaves skin looking smooth and radiant- no hint of dry skin in sight.

I will definitely be purchasing another tub when I've finished this one!
You can buy this cream on the Vita-E website or you can buy it from Boots for the price of £7.49.

Does this seem like your kind of product?


(This post denotes a PR sample)


  1. Looks like great stuff! I'll definitely try it out here soon. :)
    I love your blog, by the way! The design and header are darling.

    xo, Samantha

  2. Glad you liked it to, I love it, it works wonders!


    1. Thanks Lucy! It's fab, isn't it? xo


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