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Why Do You Blog? Part 20:Nabzz

My guest answering my blogging questions this time around is the lovely Nabzz from A Sweet Cup Of Coffee. Check out her blog- it's a fab read!

Hey, thank you for appearing on Futures. Could you tell me a little about yourself please?
Hello, Bex! No problem at all. I love the concept of this feature!
My name is Nabzz and I'm 17 years old. I'm currently studying English language, ICT, and critical thinking. I love to learn, read, joke about and blog. Working in the journalism industry is something I want to do in the future. I love to write and have written various things between the ages of 9 - 15.

What is your blog about?
My blog is a mixture of a lot of things. It varies from everyday activities and debates / opinions to outfit posts and hauls. Most of my posts featured on my blog are spur of the moment ones because I feel as though the post will capture my actual feelings rather than forcing it out.

Why do you blog?
I guess it's for personal reasons. I started blogging at 14 on WordPress because a few of my friends were doing it and I was curious to see what it was like. It turned out that I really enjoyed it and it was a great way to share my feelings and not feel bottled up. I then moved to Tumblr after a year or so and liked how customisable it was. I learnt a few things about HTML and my blogging developed throughout my time on there. After that, I moved to Blogspot and I absolutely love everything about it. From the great atmosphere to how interactive it is! I'm definitely here to stay on Blogspot.

What are your thoughts on PR samples and reviews? Do you think PR samples or payment for sponsored posts should be disclosed, or do you think that it is the blogs prerogative? Do you in fact disclose?
I think PR samples and reviews are a great way for a business to market their product because more and more people are reading blogs instead of magazines. Their product will be noticed by a lot of people, plus the readers will get an opinion from someone who they can probably relate to because it's not a random celebrity.
I think the blogger should always say if the post is sponsored, they have been given the samples or if they have been paid to make a post on it. This way, it'll increase the integrity and build an honest relationship between the blogger and reader.
I have never been given samples, been paid to make a post or have a sponsored post, but if I ever did, I would definitely disclose it because it's not something I should hide and I have no reason to hide it as my readers have a right to know.

Some people view giveaways as a way of gaining more readers. Do you hold giveaways? If so, do you hold these to reward your loyal followers, to gain a wider readership, or a bit of both?
I have never held a giveaway. Before moving to Blogspot, I saw tons of giveaway-esque posts on Tumblr. The original poster promised re-bloggers that they would promote them to their thousands and thousands of followers. The catch? You must be following them (they will check), swim the channel, climb Mount Everest, sit your business studies A-Level, interrupt a boat race by swimming in the Thames, befriend Richard Branson and work for Sir Alan Sugar!
Basically, you sometimes have to do so many things for a few items. I feel as though some abused the concept of a giveaway - it's something to give back to your loyal followers, not a way to gain readership. The way they managed to get thousands of followers was by making them follow in order to get a promotion.
I feel as though I'm going off track, sorry about that!
To answer your question: No, I don't hold giveaways because of seeing a very small minority ruin the concept of a giveaway for the good guys. I know there are loads of people who don't abuse giveaways and simply want to give back and that is absolutely fine with me.
If I ever hold a giveaway, I wouldn't make my readers do so much because it's something to give back to them and a way of thanking them for sticking around and reading whatever I write.

What are your opinions on PR events? Do you think these are necessity in blogging, in order to keep in the know? Have you ever attended a PR event, whether it was open to all, or invite only? Tell me a little more.
I've never attended a PR event because of various reasons, however, I think PR events are a nice way for bloggers to get a bit of "insider knowledge" and see what's coming up in a few months time. I don't think PR events are a necessity in blogging because it isn't all about events, PRs and whatnot. There are other perks in blogging and not just PR - related things.

Do you ever contribute to bloggers forums or certain conversations on Twitter such as #bbloggers or #blogdebate? What are your opinions on these?
I try to contribute to #bbloggers and #fbloggers every week. I love these discussions because I like debate-y things and it's a nice way to share opinions. It's also a great way to network with other bloggers and find blogs through these hashtags!

Have you ever felt disillusioned with blogging?
There are times when I feel like "eurgh, blogging..." because sometimes when I do something for a really long time without any breaks, the novelty wears off a bit. So I take a short break from it in the hopes of getting my "mo-jo" back. I blog when I can and when I want to. If I want to blog but I can't, I won't. If I can blog but I don't want to, I still won't. I think it's essential that those two things are balanced because if you force a post  or posting for the sake of posting, it may show.

Tell us a random fact about yourself
When I was watching "Fantastic 4", I cried when "The Thing" got dumped by his fiancé and he couldn't pick up the ring. Everyone laughed at me, but it was a really sad scene!

What has been your most popular post on your blog so far?
My "To 2012!" post.I wrote it because I wasn't sure what 2012 would bring which was the same for 2011 and looking back, I didn't like that year because it felt like I wasted an entire year. My approach to it was to take everything as it comes. I decided to change it a little for this year by not thinking everything is a long shot. If you want better, you need to get up and make it better. Give your 100% and the rewards will come in time.

Finally, please link us to your 5 favourite blogs, whether they have 1 follower or 1000.
Rose from The Londoner - Love Rose's recipes. They are so mouthwatering!
Olivia from What Olivia Did - Olivia has such a gorgeous style.
Selin from The Tuesday Girl - I LOVE Selin's posts! She either has me laughing out loud, nodding along or both.
Francis from Francis Dodson - I love everything about Francis' blog. She also has an amazing style.
Emily from Emily Wears Things - I love Emily's writing style. She never fails to make me laugh!

Thank you for appearing on Futures!No problem! I really enjoyed answering these questions and thank you for featuring me!

You're more than welcome, Nabzz!

Make sure to give this blog a look, it's definitely worth checking out!


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