Saturday, 7 December 2013

Thorntons Christmas Hero

I was recently contacted by Thorntons and asked to participate in their Christmas Hero competition. The idea was to effectively play Secret Santa and gift someone you love with some lovely products from Thorntons - how could I resist?
I knew exactly who I wanted to receive some wonderful products and thankfully Thorntons agreed. Before too long, some Thorntons goodies were winging their way to my best friend, Michelle.
She was sent these fantastic products, all packaged up lovingly! Thank you, Thorntons!
Why did I pick Michelle? Well, just like myself and Steve, both Michelle and her partner Guy have had a bit of a tough year. Guy's job has been all over the place and then, not long after finding out they were having a baby, our work announced that staff had to take cut hours or redundancy. Yes, Michelle and I worked together too! Michelle decided to take the reduced hours as that was what was right for her at the time - however, I know it has been a struggle as the amount of hours she cut down by was A LOT. When this move was announced, I knew myself and Steve could cope; I could focus on my freelance writing. However, I was more worried about Chelle, knowing what I knew. Both Michelle and Guy have been going through all of their old stuff and selling it to make sure they have some savings for when baby comes along which is very responsible and I am so proud of her. 
The pregnancy hasn't always been easy too, especially with the stress of work. A card shop has its busy seasons all throughout the year - not a month goes by when the shop isn't rammed full and being heavily pregnant in that can be incredibly daunting - I know it felt that way for me back when I was pregnant with Jack! Chelle has also been feeling exhausted all the time and I can't say I blame her - even though she is on maternity leave now, she is barely getting any sleep and that must be difficult.
The baby has also engaged already and doesn't look like he is moving from that spot so it is also difficult for her to do much at the minute. I really feel for her and I wanted to do something special for her. This came along at just the right time.
I knew that a special treat such as this would really put a smile on Michelle's face and give her a few minutes peace where she didn't have to worry just for that small amount of time. 
I'm grateful to Thorntons for easing some stress and putting a smile back on my beautiful best friends face. Thank you.
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This is an entry into the Thorntons Christmas Hero competition. I was also compensated with some lovely Thorntons products to gift to someone who truly deserved them.


  1. Your friend is so lucky - this selection looks amazing. I love thorntons.
    Love Vicky


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