Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Getting The Best Out Of Your Pet Portraits

Whilst we don't have a pet in our house due to rules imposed by our landlord, any regular reader will know just how close Jack is to Marley, Steve's family dog, so this is something we have been considering for a while. 
Getting the best out of your Pet Portraits
We love our pets and they love us, they bring us so much joy and we give them food and walks and toys. But Household pets seem to be with us for such a short time, so getting a pet portrait is the perfect way to remember their loving lives and how important they are to us. say that though dogs and cats are the most common taken into studios you shouldn’t be shy to bring in your horse, llama or iguana in for a professional shoot.

The thing about pet portraits is you need to prepare your pet for the session. If your dog or cat is feeling too excitable it will be a struggle to get the best photo from your pet. So try out these tricks to get the best out of them:

Take them to a groomer.
The groomers will wash them with shampoos and conditioners, clip their claws and blow them dry. This will have your pooch leaving all beautiful and shiny, leaving less effort for you when you get to the studio.

Exercise your pet first so they are behaved
This is really important for dogs. In order to get the best out of your pets you should wearthem out a bit. They will be more docile and easier to control whilst they are getting over the excitement of entering the studio and smelling all those brand new smells. It will mean that the photographer will have more time photographing your pup and less time chasing him round the studio. Be careful that they don’t get dirty when you exercise them, avoid water and dirt, you want your pet to look it’s best while at the photo shoot.

Make sure they do their business BEFORE the shoot
Be sure that your pet has a poo and a wee before the shoot. Though an animal may sometimes have a number 1 or 2 in the studio, it saves embarrassment for you if this does not happen, and it also saves a photographer or studio hand having to clean it up. If accidents should happen, be prepped and bring a poo bag.

Bring their favourite treats
Bring your animal’s favourite treats along, this can get your pet to behave, focus and get into poses. If you hold a treat just above the camera the pictures will look like your pet is looking straight down the lens, You may also be able to get them to offer a paw or stand on their hind legs.  

Buy them some new threads
To keep your pets looking clean and presentable Get your dog a new CathKidston collar or your cat a new jacket to keep them warm. You’ll end up with a cute and fashionable pet.

Add a Baby or toddler
If you trust your pet with your child you should try and include your young one in the pet portrait to create an alternative family photo. You will not only have a lasting memory of your pet but also a look back at when your child was a young and sweet little baby.

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