Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Like Love Loathe {Link Up} #6

It's Tuesday which means...Like, Love, Loathe! Here are my picks for the week!


Holiday anticipation. We are going away for a few days next week and I seriously cannot wait! I need some time to chill out, get some reading done and regain some focus. I am also looking for a few guest bloggers if anyone is interested?


Money worries fading. It doesn't happen very often but today I found out that I owed less money than I thought I did and instead of receiving a whacking great bill in two weeks time, I will actually be spreading out the small remaining cost over the next few months less at £40 less than what I have been paying. This means I finally have a little bit clear to pay a couple of people back - yay!


Losing focus. I have really lost focus with Keene On Saving recently and I am beating myself up about it. I know that I have the ideas, it is just getting them out that is the problem. Hopefully my little break will help a little.

What have been your likes, loves and loathes of the past week?

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  1. As soon as I have planned a holiday I keep living from day to day, daydereaming about the holiday :)

  2. Just linked-up Bex :)

    So sorry you're not feeling great about Keene on Saving at the mo. I totally lost my blogging mojo during our move but I'm back now and loving it again. Hopefully your little break will help.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess


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